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Watch Men Of A Certain Age Season 1 Online

men of a certain ageMen of a Certain Age is a new comedy-drama that premiered last week on TNT.  The program is one hour in length and features a fairly recognizable cast in Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, and Andre Braugher.  These three are best friends in their forties and they deal with the realities of their life.  The show details their ordeal with the infamous mid-life crisis.

Their characters, Joe, Own and Terry, respectively, as they all battle each other and themselves in order to deal with their daily lives.  Joe, played by Romano, is a neurotic divorced father of two who once aspired to be a pro golfer but now own a party store.  Owen, played by Braugher, is a husband and father who’s a car salesman at his father’s dealership.  Terry, played by Bakula, is a struggling actor with as soft spot for younger women.  The show tells about their daily ordeals as well as the lasting friendships that they have with one another.

While two of the three have families, the three guys are more like family to each other.  Sure they might squabble and fight, but in the end, it’s their lasting bonds that will get them through this transition.  Grown men often won’t acknowledge that they’re in pain, and the show takes a risk to break this barrier.

Men of a Certain Age can be seen on TNT Mondays at 10/9 pm.  If you miss one of their mid-life crisis moments, you can watch it at the following sites:

Places to Watch Men Of A Certain Age Season 1 Online:
    The official site to catch all the latest episodes of Men of a Certain Age as well as other TNT shows like Leverage and Dark Blue.  This is the best way to watch episodes of the show but you need to download the TNT video plugin to watch.
    Popular online site is like an online DVR. Subscribe to a wide array of shows and their player is also in HD. Hulu will post the episodes as soon as TNT does.  Hulu also provides small clips of the shows.  All videos are redirected to the TNT website.

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